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Our purpose

Grow, Learn and Enjoy. Together.
This is our core purpose.

“We believe in any relationship both sides should grow, learn and enjoy. For you, that means our services are designed for both companies to grow, for us both to be learning from each other and for the journey to be enjoyable. We've worked with and for companies where these things aren’t true and there's no way we want that for either of us.

  • Who wants a deal that is better for one side than the other? It creates resentment.
  • Who wants to work with someone that keeps all the knowledge to themselves? It creates unnecessary dependencies.
  • Who wants to speak with people they don't like? Life's too short.
  • We offer a differing range of services so we can use the best one to help you grow, not the one which creates us the most money.
  • We have an educational ethos that not only means we are always learning, but we proactively share what we learn with you.
  • We hire nice, fun and caring people so that when they invite you to meet, you're genuinely looking forward to seeing them again.

Grow, Learn and Enjoy. Together.”

Rikki Lear - Country Manager, Avidly UK

So how do we do this?

Well, we have five core values that feed into the core purpose

Build Strong Relationships: We believe that a strong foundation with your colleagues and clients will ensure that Avidly’s culture is maintained and continues to make this company a great place to be.

Delight the Client: We aim to make sure all our work is geared towards creating a great service for our clients. That way we can deliver the best results and make sure our great work speaks for itself. This keeps clients with us and allows growth.

Learn and Share: We make time to ensure we’re at the forefront of the industry by learning new skills, using new tools and finding new ways of working. And the best way to cement new learnings is to share knowledge and teach other people. it by.

Invest in Yourself: As well as investing in learning new skills, it’s important to prioritise your health and wellbeing too. Doing this makes sure you can bring your best self to the office but also be a healthier, happy person away from work too.

Be Accountable: Last but not least, this means taking ownership for doing what you said you would, when you said you’d do it by.

Sound like the type of company you want to work with?

We're eager to get started too. First, take a look at our pricing guide.

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